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      1. Partner with University of Bristol to start-up, innovate and lead in your sector.

        Our partners

        10 ways to work with a university.

        How to get the most from a university partnership.

        10 ways to work with a university (PDF, 22kB)

        Research commercialisation

        Opportunities for researchers and business

        Our Services

        Knowledge and expertise

        If your organisation has a tricky problem, would like to develop its skill base, or is looking for high quality recruits, we can help.

        Research and partnerships

        We collaborate with many different organisations to help them innovate and solve challenges. Partnerships can start with small projects, with the flexibility to expand as the activity develops.

        Resources and facilities

        We can provide your organization with state-of-the-art facilities, space and support to grow your business, use of our intellectual property, or unique venues to host events.

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